How you should refer to Remote

  1. DO Refer to the company "Remote"
  2. DON'T Refer to the company as ""
  3. DON'T Refer to Remote's legal entity if you don't explicitly need to discuss entity-related matters. This is wrong: "We at Remote Inc...."
  4. Our website address is, lowercase. So the following sentence is correct: Remote exists on

Corporations and entities

Remote owns several international entities. Only refer to an entity when explicitly needed, and when explicitly wanting to refer to a particular entity.


"Remote Technology Inc is one of our USA entities"


"Remote Inc helps the world work remotely"

Naming new entities

Preferably all entities are called "Remote <Whatever else is needed>".

If not available, add the country or region.

If need be, add "Tech" or "Technology" after "Remote"

For a new Portuguese entity, e.g.: