You, like many others product designers, are naturally curious and ambitious. You look into the future and question, "Where do I want to be this time next year?" What will happen in five years? What comes next for me?

Remote supports our employees' development and growth within our organization. We are a startup growing quickly, and that can translate to opportunities for our Remoters now and in the future.

Our career paths exist for you to track and take ownership of your own career progression and manage expectations every step of the way. We want our team members at Remote to understand that part of career progress is creating your own path, how each of us defines our career journey and progression may look different.

Every step impacts the company and yourself in different ways:

Product Design Career Blueprint

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**Remote does not currently offer an internship program. We are very excited about the potential to offer an internship program in the future but until then, all team members at Remote are at Role 2 or above.

Our Brand Design, UX Research, and Content Design teams will follow our company Career Paths Blueprint.


The product design career path is composed initially of a main track, common to everyone, which later bisects into two distinct tracks: management and individual contributor.