Our principles

Async first

Working asynchronously also means you don’t need to wait for other people to assign you work. There will always be a backlog of work and if there isn’t you should use your better judgment and pick up whatever you think has the most impact/benefit. If there isn’t any work planned you should bring it up with your Product Manager, there should always be a plan.

As all work should be written down in issues, if you’re doing something out of your own volition and no one shared a spec (tech or product) with you, then create an issue for it before you get going.

Working async first also means:


Documentation and Discussions

There are two types of documentation: Permanent and Transient.

Permanent Docs

Documentation that exists for the purpose of informing users or operators of our platform/company of how things are done.

Permanent documentation lives in Notion exclusively, is always used as a reference, and should be linked at all times.

Types of permanent documentation