The only accepted timezone at Remote is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

You can read more about it on our blog:

What's wrong with your time zone? | Remote

Advantages of using UTC as your one true time zone include:

  1. No more need to Google other time zones. You immediately know the difference from where you stand to UTC, and that's it.

  2. Not affected by Daylight Saving Time. This advantage speaks for itself.

  3. You can add it to your calendar by default or use it as secondary time. Most calendar solutions support this.

  4. No more need to ask people where they are. You can focus on finding availability quickly and easily.

Disadvantages are slim:

  1. You don't get to brag about where you live with every meeting invitation.
  2. You can't use the time zone excuse to explain why you missed an important meeting.

Adding UTC to your calendar:

You can setup your calendars to use UTC as default or as secondary calendar.