<aside> ✨ Our Values at Remote have been operationalised across the entire company. We use values day-to-day in the way we thank each other in the #thanks channel on Slack. We've also incorporated values in our Quarterly Employee Feedback Survey, in the way we provide feedback to each other and we utilise values during our interview process and to make objective decisions.



Kindness as a value has evolved to Care. We want to take kindness a step further and we really want Remoters to care about every action they take at work and in their communication and decision-making.

That means assuming good intent in all situations, helping out others, and avoiding the temptation to fall into a culture of blame. We’re building Remote to make the lives of people better.

Care goes beyond how we treat each other at work in our day-to-day interactions. Care should be taken in how we work with customers, how we show empathy to challenges they are facing and how our product is built and functions. Caring for others and caring deeply about the work that you do, how it translates to the customer can have a meaningfully positive impact on their lives and how we work together to achieve our mission and goals.

Demonstrating care goes hand in hand with ownership which takes on a sense of personal responsibility, accountability and commitment to the success of Remote. Everyone is expected to take ownership of work outcomes; this includes caring for and owning outcomes for our customers, new product features, internal projects and our goals.

Ownership is also about trust. We trust you to do what is in the best interest of the company. We trust you to develop your own understanding of the desired outcome and then become a strong advocate for it. We don’t need to micro-manage or have numerous calls or messages to ask for updates on deliverables; every Remoter is expected to fully own their work and to reach out if they need support, guidance or identify a blocker.

Each Remoter is an owner of Remote, we are all working towards Remote’s goals with our mission in mind. If you notice an area of improvement or opportunity, care enough to try to solve it - share it with others and go one step further, when possible, in suggesting how to approach the work.

In summary, Care is a fundamental value that underpins our organization. It is the commitment from all of us to win and win together through collaboration but also ownership. As a group, we want to prioritize the well-being, happiness and success of Remoters (ourselves and teammates) and our customers. When we genuinely demonstrate that we care for others and the work throughout our day-to-day and create that nurturing environment, everyone will thrive. We want to build a company where everyone wants to be involved, to make things better, to care and support each other. If we want to see change, we need to drive change together.


Remote is now a multi-product company in a competitive environment. There are companies like us that are focusing on the same end goal of becoming the ultimate HR platform. Remote is committed to doing it better. We will take the initiative, lead from the front, push the boundaries and take risks in what we build.

Innovation often results in improved efficiencies, effectiveness and user experience. Innovating on what we deliver, how we deliver and how we support our customers will differentiate us, leading to achieving Remote’s mission and goals.

Innovation means we are constantly evolving as an organization; with this evolution change will happen and it will happen often. We cannot be complacent, we need be innovative and agile in approaching our goals to grow both our customers and our products exponentially.


Be clear about what you are doing, how you are doing something and why you are doing something. Proactively providing transparency and clarity helps prevent conflict, improves stakeholder engagement, and helps people understand any situation better.

By default act, communicate, and work in the open. This allows others to contribute and will prevent information from getting lost over time.

It’s important to understand that transparency does not mean every detail is available to everyone. We aim to work openly and provide clarity to all. It is a commitment to having clear information readily available (and easily navigable) and a unified understanding within remote of who we are and where we are going as a company. We foster an environment that is transparent and aligned and where ideas are expressed clearly and goals are well-defined.

In addition to our internal behaviours of transparency, we should be very proud of how we are a transparent player in the market (regarding fees, process etc) and we should continue to highlight and leverage in the market to ensure that we build unshakable trust with our customers.

Note: Transparency does not mean everything open to everyone - the notion of transparency will be overridden in the case of legally privileged or highly commercially sensitive discussions. The goal of restricting access to this work is not to keep a secret, rather the goal is to protect Remote.


Remote is selling a HR platform. We have evolved from being a one-product company to a multiple-product company. For this company to succeed, we will not be complacent, we will do all we can to build our customer base and continue to grow both our customers and our products exponentially. Intensity at Remote can be thought of as a level of focus or energy applied to tasks or to complete a goal. It is about finding efficient and sustainable ways to get work done and doing it with excellence in mind while consistently and striving to improve at scale.

With Intensity as one of our values, we are setting a high standard, a commitment to determinedly pursue our goals, persevere and demonstrate resilience in our drive to achieve our goals. The focus of intensity is building for efficiency, sustainability and scale. Doing this will give us balance and allow us to pursue our goals while maintaining our own balance and well-being. Taking care of our well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance integration is one outcome of building sustainable efficient workflows. We understand that sustained intensity requires periodic recharging and we support that.


Excellence extends to everything we do. The way we communicate, the things we build, the code we write, and the way we treat our people.

We want to delight our customers at every step, no matter what happens. We are to be obsessed with their happiness and success, and even surprise them (in a good way) when possible.

We set high standards and push the boundaries to achieve our mission. We want to be excellent across the company and we don’t view anyone as too junior to have a great idea or opinion - together we can achieve great things!