<aside> 💜 If you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! This means you have received an offer to join Remote and we couldn’t be more excited! As soon as you receive the offer, our partners at Veremark will get in touch with you for a simple Employment Verification check to make sure we remain compliant and that there are no bumps on a (hopefully long) road. You can find more information to help guide you through this process below.


What is Veremark?

What type of verifications is Remote running?

What does the Veremark candidate experience look like?

Why is this needed?

Will you contact my current employer?

My last completed employment is with an employer that no longer exists (e.g. went bankrupt) - what can I do?

I’ve only had one Employer so far and it’s my current Employer / I only did internships so far. What can I do?

I’ve submitted the wrong information and I can’t edit it. Where should I go for help?