Job Description Guidelines

When writing a job description, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not make a degree or specific qualification a requirement, unless there is a specific compliance reason for that. For example should we require a specific qualification due to the role requirement be for internal legal council in a specific region and only a qualified attorney will be able to fulfill this requirement.
  2. Don't use years of experience to make decisions about someone's actual experience in a specific field. The length of time an employee has been in their role doesn’t necessarily relate to their capability to fulfill their responsibilities.
    1. A good option is "significant experience"excessive knowledge, proficient in, good expertise at, deep understanding in”
  3. Scope - Be specific about the responsibilities that the job entails and what it doesn't.
  4. Be specific about whether the job involves managing people or not.
  5. Use inclusive language and avoid gendered language. Also avoid gender-coded words, like “rockstar,” “ninja,” and “dominate”.

Example Template (*Example from our internal page, use for inspiration)

Additional Tips

For examples of how we write descriptions for our own positions, please visit