<aside> 💟 Self-care day at Remote is a day where everyone is encouraged to take a day off and do something they love. It’s aim is to specifically create awareness of the importance of self-care, mental health and taking a break.

Self-care day happens once a quarter. We also have an alternative date for each quarter to support coverage for teams who cannot all take the same day off (example: customer-facing roles). Align with your manager and team on which day you will take off (it doesn’t have to be strictly on these days, but as close to them as much as possible so that it is not just another PTO day for you and your team).

We try to align self-care days on days without a lot of public holidays globally, with a preference for Friday as voted by Remoters. We also try to avoid month-end rushes, payroll deadlines and payment processing week, among other important team events as aligned with our Executive team.

Self-care days for 2024 are:

2024 Self-care days Alternative days
Q1 Feb 2 Feb 6
Q2 May 3 May 7
Q3 Aug 2 Aug 7
Q4 Nov 8 Nov 7

You can also opt-out, if you prefer not to participate and we will remain inclusive of either option.

Normalizing Mental Health at Work


🌝 Frequently asked questions

Do I have to take my self-care day on the date set by Remote?

I'm in a role which requires me to work that day. How can I still benefit from this initiative?

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Does this day Accrue as part of my time-off

Do I need to request the self-care day in Remote?

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🌝 What will you be doing for Self-Care Day?

🧘 *Feel free to share with us pictures and updates about your day in the #s-selfcare Slack channel. *****

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One team member can own self-care day for the year.