<aside> 💡 The topics covered in this document apply to internal employees of Remote. That is, someone who is working for and at Remote.


<aside> <img src="/icons/arrow-right_gray.svg" alt="/icons/arrow-right_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Changes to our compensation philosophy and program are confirmed with the Remote Compensation Committee, which consists of Remote’s CEO, CFO, CPO and Total Rewards Team.


🎯 Total Rewards Mission Statement, Philosophy & Strategy

Remote's Total Rewards mission is to ensure fair, unbiased compensation and equitable pay along with competitive benefits in all locations in which we operate to ensure we attract and retain amazing talent globally.

We do not agree to or encourage cheap-labor practices, and therefore we ensure to pay above in-location rates. We hope to inspire other companies to support global talent hiring and bring local wealth to developing countries.

We foster an open and transparent environment at Remote and are always open to conversations from our Remoters regarding compensation.

We specifically refer to Total Rewards so as to include base and incentive pay, statutory benefits (in the locations we are able to offer this), and our global benefits and perks, including working in a flexible remote-first organization.

Total Rewards Strategy

We will drive a total rewards strategy that focuses on cultivating a high-performance environment that thrives on fairness, equity and unbiased decision-making. We will evolve to a more comprehensive and impactful total rewards program that goes beyond traditional compensation and benefits, encompassing all aspects of the employee experience. The key pillars of our Total Rewards Strategy:

⚙️ Total Rewards Design Principles

💰 Annual Compensation at Remote

<aside> 📐 When a salary benchmark is provided by Total Rewards for new hires, pay increases, and promotions, we take a global approach (that is also aligned with the market data that we benchmark against) to consider & include all mandatory allowances & bonuses (such as the 13th and 14th-month salaries) in the gross annual compensation amount. This is because the market data that we use has already included these additional allowances within the benchmark. Therefore, for payroll purposes and for Remoters to know, these allowances and bonuses should not be added on top of the benchmark provided, and instead, the salary benchmark provided should be considered as base salary + mandatory allowances.

Examples of mandatory allowances included in the benchmark:


💴 Local Tax

Remote does not increase gross base compensation based on changes or updates to local tax regulations in the home country as ****these changes are the legal responsibility of the teammate. Payroll will make all required statutory deductions as required to comply with legal obligations. We will always ensure that offers are equitable and competitive, as well as aligned with our overall compensation philosophy. We encourage you to work with a local tax practitioner to structure your legal obligations in a manner that best suits your personal needs.

🌏 Geo Pay Ranges

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🎚 Career Levels at Remote

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