Our Engineering team put together their recommended resources for learning Elixir. You can also view our full tech stack in our public Engineering Rulebook.

If you love Elixir as much as us, even if you are a beginner, we hope you might apply to our open roles (or sign up to our database for the future!).


Elixir Programming Language Forum

Online Learning

Learning resources

GitHub - DockYard-Academy/curriculum

Elixir on Exercism

The Pragmatic Studio

ElixirCasts - Elixir and Phoenix Screencasts

<title>Groxio Learning: Career Fuel for Programmers</title>


Programming Elixir 1.6

Elixir in Action, Second Edition

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

Programming Phoenix 1.4

Programming Phoenix LiveView

Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir

Written by our very own Svilen Gospodinov!

Building Table Views with Phoenix LiveView