Aligning with Remote’s overall mission to enable a world in which individuals are able to build wealth and financial freedom through equal access to employment opportunities in the global economy, we will continue to value our differences. We aim to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities and feel a sense of belonging within our organization.

Encouraging Belonging

Embracing Differences

We believe that the collective sum of our life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talent that Remoters bring to their work makes up the core of our company culture. We fully embrace employees’ differences in age, national origin or ancestry, race, color, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, medical condition, religion (or non-religion) marital or domestic partner status, and the multitude of other areas that make us all so unique.

More is More

As a company founded on a remote model of community, we strive to build a diverse team for two additional reasons. First, more is more when it comes to diversity. This means that the more diverse we become, the more attractive we are to a wider range people who then want to seek out Remote for their next career move. Why? Because rather than simply add a few new names and faces to represent diversity, we want to be a model for other companies by nurturing diversity to create a welcoming culture for all. Second, a diverse workforce has a greater quantity and quality of resources to draw from and, therefore, a greater ability to cultivate happy employees and collectively achieve our goals.

Have a look at Comparably for more info!

Have a look at Comparably for more info!

DEI as a Way of Life at Remote

Being a 100% remote company can make integrating DEIB much easier as we seek to remove barriers to hiring the right people for the right roles. We are always striving to resist the temptation to say we have “accomplished” diversity and then rest on our laurels. At Remote, diversity is not a quick slogan or quantifiable goal; it is a way of life. In this way, diversity is not simply a line item in our handbook. It makes our company culture unique and inviting to a broad and diverse workforce. We want everyone who comes to work at Remote to truly feel welcome and invited to bring their full selves. As a result, we think ambitiously and sustainably about diversity and continue to come up with ways to encourage it.

What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)?

The meaning of DEI: The requirement of adding diversity, equity, and inclusion to the overall business strategy and company culture.

Belonging is the feeling of being part of something and psychological safety. Belonging allows you to be able to bring your authentic and full self.

Ways Remote promotes DEI

[people] Working in a global team


How Does the Company Benefit From DEI?

Inclusive language Guidelines

Here are some guidelines on inclusive language. There are a few rules you can follow, the most important is "when in doubt, ask". Identity is personal and different people may prefer to be addressed in different ways. Please always try to use people-first language and avoid labels, be kind and affirming.

Remove Ableist Language, for example: "crazy", "dumb", “lame”. Careless words can shame someone on the receiving end of your message—no matter your intention, even if not directed at them.

Phase out gender specific language, unless you know what the person/ people identify as.

Anyone can contribute to the table below and we appreciate folks who do:

Cultural inclusion

We are a team full of unique cultures and backgrounds. Understanding each other helps us to better understand our global customer base… plus, it’s fun!

We have the #s-my-world slack channel, whereby we share experiences (cultural and daily life) with all our colleagues. This is a great way to see what's happening in someone else’s life and culture and learn more about their world. We also encourage you to set up coffee chats with Remoters from other countries!

👀 Check out our Working Across Cultures Training

Resources to help educate ourselves and others

Here are a few resources you can watch, listen to or read. We would also love further contributions to this, we encourage you to add some: