<aside> 👋🏽 It is so exciting and humbling to see so many people interested in working at Remote. We are thrilled you're taking the time to learn more about us, and we wanted to create a space to help us impart knowledge and answer questions, all async - because that's how we work internally too. ✨ Don’t forget to read more on our careers page as well!


<aside> ⚠️ Please note that our Recruiting team gets a lot of inquiries sent to them personally and they don't work with all departments. We ask that you send all questions to [email protected]


<aside> 📞 We respectfully decline any requests to have a call to help you apply. We want to make sure everybody who is interested has equal opportunity and prefer to screen applications in an unbiased async environment. If you want to show interest in a role, please apply directly and use the cover letter to talk to us! If it feels like a match, you'll have plenty of time to meet the team and ask all your questions.


<aside> 🧑🏻‍💻 If remote work is your thing, but not necessarily Remote, then you might like our free Choose Remote Toolkit to help you advocate for remote work flexibility in your current job. You can also read some tips from experts about how to run a job search for a remote role or check out our marketplace of companies that can help you land a remote job.


About Us

Before we can decide if you are the person to fill our role, you need to get to know us, and decide that we are what you want.

In a nutshell: We enable companies to hire talent compliantly regardless of their location.

The best source of information is our public handbook, where you can find general information about Remote. We have selected a few pages that are essential, in our opinion, to review prior to the interview with us: About Remote, our Values, and how important Belonging and DEI are to us.

You can hear directly from Job van der Voort, our CEO, about what we do and some other important topics.


What does working for Remote feel like?

A huge part of what we do is async communication. If you enjoy heavy meeting days or value a call over writing a step-by-step guide, this might be the wrong environment for you. The less time we spend in meetings, the more time we can make for team social calls and coffee chats. ☕️

The way we measure, praise, pay, and promote people is also a big part of our values and how we operate. You can read our public explanation of our performance review process here, and our Total Rewards policy here.

Read more from employees, as well as what we are about, on LinkedIn.

Interviewing remotely (via Google Meet!)

Interviewing Remotely.pdf

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